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Haemorrhoids can occur at any age and can also be a problem commonly occurring during pregnancy.

Haemorrhoids are associated with constipation, diarrhoea, and prolonged straining to pass a bowel motion and common symptoms include:

  • Anal irritation especially burning or itching
  • Anal pain and discomfort
  • Sometimes associated with bleeding during a bowel motion.

In managing haemorrhoids, it is important to ensure that motions are soft and easy to pass so it is essential  that diet is adequate both in terms of fibre intake and also in terms of adequate hydration and fluid intake.

Rectal discomfort and bleeding can also occur in Pruritus ani and Anal fissure as well as many other medical conditions, and symptoms should not be ignored.

Medicines commonly used for haemorrhoids should be limited to 7 days use.

Discussing this problem causes severe embarrassment for many, and private consulting areas are available if privacy is desired.